Indoor Winter Date Ideas

Indoor Winter Date Ideas that are perfect for you and your boo

When you think of winter dates, all that comes to mind are activities in the cold–sledding, tubing, winter hikes, ice skating. If you’re someone who dislikes the cold, winter activities may seem like a nightmare. You can’t have fun when your mind is occupied with discomfort. That’s why indoor dates are perfect. They offer a fun time, connection with your partner, and most of all…warmth! We’ve gathered a list of ultimate indoor dates for fun-loving but cold-hating couples. 

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Outside of The House

Go to an escape room

An escape room may just seem like solving a puzzle together. But it offers much more. Escape rooms build communication and connection among partners. If you don’t want to solve an escape room with only two people, make it a double date!

Visit the theater

Your local theater offers so much entertainment. Plays, musicals, ballets, comedy, speakers…The list can go on and on. Find a form of entertainment that you and your partner enjoy, and appreciate. Plus, the show may spark a meaningful conversation related to each of your opinions and interpretations of it. 

Explore a museum

Spend a rainy, snowy, or cold day learning something new together! Visit a local museum that seems interesting, or seek out a museum related to something your partner is passionate about to make the date more special. 

Take dance lessons

Many claim that dancing is one of the most romantic activities. Your bodies and minds have to work in sync. Dancing is also a great way to stay active. Try dance lessons for one time, or make it part of your schedule!

Go bowling

There’s a reason bowling has been popular for so long. It’s fun, sort of difficult, but still manageable, and you can eat while you bowl! Looking for some healthy competition in your relationship? Bowling is the perfect activity. 

Go roller skating

Visit a roller rink for some fun physical activity. Unlike ice skating, rollerskating is relatively easy to learn, pretty painless if you fall, and in a warm environment! 

Shop for each other

Some people get stressed out shopping for their partner, but it can be an enjoyable experience if you turn it into a game. Set a budget, visit your local shopping center, and pick out an outfit for each other. You can shop together, or separately to make the outfit a surprise. 

Winter date night ideas you will want to try

Inside of The House

Create an at-home spa

Couples massages are fun, but they can be expensive. Make the experience more affordable and meaningful by doing it at home. Do a face mask together and give each other a massage. Grab some candles, lower the lighting, and add some music to make the environment more relaxing.

Do couple’s yoga

Similarly to dancing, couples yoga brings you together physically and mentally and is the perfect activity for some enjoyable fitness. The benefit of doing yoga at home is that you can do it on your own time, and don’t have to worry about what you look like to other people. 

Cook a sentimental dinner

Maybe it’s your partner’s favorite meal. Or maybe it’s what you had on your first date. Whatever the occasion, cooking something that reminds you of good memories is sure to be a meaningful experience. 

Paint/draw each other

Whether you’re artsy or not this activity will be a great experience. You’ll either be wowed by each other’s artistic skills or laugh at their lack of said skills. This activity is also budget-friendly. It can be done with materials as simple as pencil and paper.

Create a playlist together

Do you struggle with picking out which music to play when you’re in the car together? Make a playlist. Work on identifying your and your partner’s favorite songs, and create a playlist! If you’re feeling fancy, you can make different playlists for different genres or themes.

Work on a puzzle

Puzzles are perfect for a relaxing and connecting evening with your partner. Put on a movie, order some pizza, and get puzzling! The feeling when you’ve completed that puzzle is one like no other. You’ll feel accomplished and grateful for your partner’s contributions.

The best indoor date ideas for winter
Paige Trendell
Paige Trendell

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