Post-Swim Hair Care Tips To Remember This Summer

Summer swim hair

Like most people when the temperatures are rising, the water is where you will find me! Whether it be a quick dip in the ocean while visiting your favorite beach or lounging in the pool, I have a few helpful post-swim hair care tips to keep that hair looking and feeling its best.

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Fresh Water Rinse

One of the easiest tricks out there is to wet your hair down with fresh water. When doing this you make the hair less porous and slows down the absorption of chlorine or saltwater. Chlorine can not only make your hair feel dry and sticky it can also alter your color. Giving it hints of blue and green depending on how light your hair is.

Condition Condition Condition

Take the fresh water trick one step further. After wetting the hair down, towel dry, and add your everyday conditioner. Only leave it in. This trick is def better suited for our super blondes and color-treated hair. Again, this puts a super barrier between the water and your hair leaving the hair soft and manageable. You can also keep a bottle of leave-in conditioner in your beach bag to continually apply to your hair every time it dries.


Yes ladies and gents there is sunscreen specially formulated for your hair. Talk to your favorite hairstylist for the best-recommended product for your needs. It works just like the sunscreen for your skin. Simply apply before heading out for the day and reapply throughout the day for best results.


You could also go the route of keeping the hair out of the water altogether. For the ladies with long hair, a quick top knot or some braids is an easy way to stay cool and keep the hair out of the water. With shorter hair, you can avoid the water by keeping your hair in a swim cap.

Rinse Well

If it is all possible rinse with fresh water as soon as you can. If you allow the hair to dry with chlorine even the salt from the ocean, it can weaken the bonds in the hair causing the hair to become brittle, dry, and cause breakage.

Post-Swim Care

If you are a big pool swimmer it is always good to have a bottle of shampoo that removes chlorine build up from the hair. You always want to follow that shampoo with a deeply hydrating masque to restore the PH balance in the hair. Leaving the hair soft and hydrated. For general swimming in the summer, it is always good to treat the hair 1-2 times a week, alternating between a strengthening and moisturizing deep conditioner.

So get out there and enjoy those summer swims. Follow these simple RULES to keep your hair healthy and happy!!

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2018 issue of Sass Magazine.

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