5 Comfy Fall Outfits That Don’t Sacrifice Style

comfty fall outfit ideas

Staying comfy in the summer heat can be a challenge, but figuring out what to wear in the shoulder seasons of spring and fall can also be troubling. To keep your options open, look for fabrics that breathe and garments you can easily layer if things cool off during the day. Fall outfits especially ought to be as comfortable as they are cute. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites. Try these on for size!

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Long-Sleeved Tee and Your Favorite Jeans

A great fitting pair of jeans will always look good no matter where you need to go or what you need to do. Pair them with a long-sleeved tee for errands or Saturday running around, then layer on a hoodie for a long walk with a friend or add a hat if the sun is getting too hot.

Your long-sleeved tee can work alone, under a big button-down for the boyfriend look, or under a comfy sweater. Get something breathable if you know the temps will rise, or snuggle down in a cozy fleece as the temperatures drop. Finally, consider going with a V-neck if you want to add a simple chain or small pendant to this casual combo.

Dress and Shawl

When it’s not cool enough for a sweater, pairing boho dresses with a soft shawl is a wonderful way to make sure that you stay both stylish and comfortable as the sun goes down and the day cools off. From a day of shopping to dinner on the patio, this pairing will serve you well.

Make sure you also put your scarves to good use in the spring and fall seasons. One scarf around your neck or across your shoulders can easily warm you up when the breezes cool down. These can also give you a little shade if the sun is too intense near your coffee shop table.

Lightweight Sweaters and Pencil Skirts

A good pencil skirt can be tailored for the office, dressed up with a sparkly top for a night on the town, and easily washed up to wear again next week. While a black skirt can check a lot of wardrobe boxes, keep an eye on color when choosing your next turtleneck sweater or lightweight cardigan.

The colors that suit the fall season and can all be paired with a black skirt or pants include:

  • rust
  • burgundy
  • cream
  • hunter
  • cobalt

If you long for fall but the temps are just a bit too high, look for lightweight sweaters in these rich colors to make your stamp on autumn fashion. The lush tones of burgundy and blue can also boost your skin tone if your tan is fading a bit.

Leggings and a Hoodie

If you’re working from home and don’t need to dress for the office, leggings and a hoodie may have become your uniform in 2020. Black leggings offer a lot of pairing options and hoodies are a staple that won’t go out of style.

If you don’t need the warmth of a bulky hoodie of plush sweatshirt fabric, look for waffle weave pieces. While most waffle weave hoodies don’t have a pocket, they are often quite trim and can be layered with a tank or a tee if you need a bit more warmth without all the bulk. An additional bonus of a waffle weave hoodie: If you plan to do a bit of camping, sleeping in a waffle weave is a great way to keep your head warm without having to chase a hat all night long.

Flannel Shirts and Athleisure Bottoms

Flannel shirts come in a wide variety of weights and warmth. If you’re running errands in the morning, leave your sleeves long and button the shirt up to the neck. As the day warms up, roll up those sleeves. If it gets hot, tie the shirt up to let your tummy breathe a bit.

Keep your athleisure bottoms neutral. Black, grey, and navy can all work well with a brightly patterned flannel shirt. If you love your shirts a bit oversized, make sure you check out the men’s department for something a bit roomier. For even more selection, check out camping, hunting, or farm supply stores.

You can stay comfy, cool, and stylish no matter what the weather does with the right clothes and a little planning. Choose a weight that works well for your region and make sure you focus on color when picking out your next favorite garment.

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Sierra Powell
Sierra Powell

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