What are Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs?

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“Welcome to Astrology 101, everyone take your seats!” So what is astrology?

Most people start exploring astrology by learning their zodiac sign, which is simply a matter of looking up your birth date on the chart. You have also most likely connected your sign to how you are as a person. What is your temperament? How are you in relationships? What are your values and goals in life and how do you take charge of them? Other tests such as your Enneagram Type or Personality Type (think INFP, etc.) may have helped you get a fuller picture of yourself, but you still want to learn more.

After reading your horoscope you may have been like “Well, this definitely sounds like me, but a few things are off,” and that is where your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs come in–painting a fuller picture of you, both in public and behind-the-scenes. Confused still? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered and you will understand more once this class has started, so let’s dive in!

Let’s start with the basics about what each of the signs mean.

Sun Sign

This sign showcases your personality, deep in your soul. Basically, the “who you are,” sign.

Moon Sign

This is the side you keep hidden from others. Think, the hidden core behind your identity and what hides in the shadow–also not to be looked at as a bad thing.

Rising Sign

This is your front-facing sign on how you present yourself to others and your personality when out and about.

Calculating Your Signs

The simplest one that you most likely already know is your Sun sign because that is determined by your date of birth (think your astrology sign). The next two parts, your Moon and Rising signs require a little knowledge about the date, time, and location of your birth.

The main difference in calculation comes from your Moon sign being strictly the time, date, and location of your birth whereas the Rising sign takes into account what sign was rising in the Eastern horizon of the sky when you were born.

Interesting stuff right? Need to calculate? Here are two options: https://justastrologythings.com/pages/chart/

and https://www.astrology.com.tr/birth-chart.asp.

How Is This Useful?

So, what is astrology? Simply taking what you’ve discovered about your signs and applying them to your life. How does this help?

The main part of knowing about what your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs really mean is that you get a full picture of who you are, both to others and deep in your core. You may have felt that your Sun sign alone didn’t present an accurate representation of who you are. Luckily, putting together the three components may fill in those gaps you felt were not reflected when just knowing the basics of your Sun sign.

  • Understand why you feel certain ways about situations, causes you care about, and other things you hold deeply in your life.
  • Be able to figure out how you operate as a human so you can better balance your life out as you continue to become who you are meant to be.
  • Find inner peace within yourself with knowledge of who you are, how you present yourself, and your deeper hidden side–and how to connect the three.
  • Learn how to continually grow in the most authentic way you can.

“Class dismissed!”

Sarah Degeorge
Sarah DeGeorge

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