Gender Neutral Styles for Spring and Summer

Gender neutral styles

One of the most prominent fashion trends in the past few years is the rise of gender-neutral fashion. Fashion is now not determined by a person’s gender, and rather, the style of the clothes. Streetwear and high fashion alike has embraced gender-neutral styles, and this has influenced how we all wear clothes. As we approach spring and summer, there are many people wanting to embrace this fashion trend when entering a new fashion season. Here are all the best picks for gender-neutral fashion. Incorporating some of these styles into your wardrobe can help you achieve the androgynous vibe that is so coveted right now. 

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Dungarees are a classic pick for spring and summer. They are light and comfortable, and can be styled to wear with layers to accommodate any breeze or heatwave. They are really versatile and available in a lot of different colors and fabrics. Dungarees can also be styled in multiple different ways- with t-shirts, button ups, and jumpers. This is one of the best gender-neutral clothing styles that you can incorporate into your wardrobe during Spring and Summer. 

Wide Leg Trousers

As gender neutral clothes become more boxy and dynamic, many people are wearing wide-leg trousers. Skinny jeans are becoming less and less popular in recent years. Flares on the other hand have taken the fashion world by storm. Wide leg trousers are one of the most popular fashion items that is not defined by the fashion binary- everyone is wearing them. They have become a staple of the gender neutral runway, and they will probably be big next season. They are really versatile and practical, as much as they are stylish. 

Graphic T-Shirts

One of the best gender-neutral clothing styles dominating fashion at the moment is oversized, graphic t-shirts. Gender-neutral fashion often embraces features of both typically ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ style- for example, combining flowy and billowing styles with dynamic, bright lines and designs. Oversized graphic t-shirts are a perfect example of this design principle. This style will suit almost anyone, and there are many different independent artists who are designing t-shirts, making your perfect look easy to find. It’s one of the best ways you can easily achieve a stylish look that can be worn by all. 

Light Suits

By far the biggest staple of gender-neutral fashion is light, oversized suit looks. Many fashion pioneers have worked to make the classic suit gender-neutral- Marlene Dietrich was one of the first women to wear suits on a regular basis. Women entering the workforce during the 1970s and 1980s revolutionized the gender-neutral fashion game by wearing suits to work. Pale-colored, oversized suits in lightweight fabric are one of the hottest styles right now and will be perfect for a more formal occasion during Spring/Summer 2023. 

Long Skirts

A key part of gender-neutral fashion is to blur the binary. Women started this long ago by wearing trousers during World War 2, however, men didn’t wear skirts very much. However, one of the biggest trends on gender neutral runways this year is men wearing skirts. If this is something you’ve always wanted to wear, you have the perfect opportunity next season. It is one of the most popular styles at the moment, and there are many different boxy and oversized styles that look great as a part of modern streetwear. 

Looking to make your wardrobe more androgynous? Picking one of these styles is one of the best ways to achieve a gender-neutral look and stay on trend in 2023. 

Gender neutral styles to for spring and summer
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