How to Feel Confident and Live Your Best Life This Summer

how to live my best life

Summer is right around the corner! This time of year is typically full of sunlight, warm nights with friends and family, vacations, and so much more of the good stuff life has to offer. Unfortunately, it can also be a time in which many of our insecurities come to the surface. We often see other people living their best life and looking amazing, which can lead to toxic comparisons.

However, this summer is the summer we break the cycle! This summer is the summer we allow ourselves to be the most confident versions of ourselves, whether we’re vegging on the couch, hustling to further ourselves in our careers, or having the time of our lives. Sound like the summer you want to have? Here are some tips to help you reach your best summer self:

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Embrace Your Current Self

The number one rule to being confident is loving your current self. I know, it’s easier said than done. However, when you’re loving on yourself instead of picking yourself apart, you’re a much happier version of yourself. This affects the way you not only think, but the way you carry yourself and the confident, beautiful, happy aura you exude for others to enjoy as well. 

So, how do you start embracing your current self? By developing a positive mindset! By retraining your brain to look at the good in everything, you’ll start to shift the focus on what’s positive about yourself, which is the first step towards loving yourself.

Physically, there is much to be done as well. No, I don’t mean losing weight or developing unhealthy habits. I mean everyone’s favorite wellness activity- self care! 

Making sure many of the activities you’re doing during the day are working for you and not against you, whether you add self-care activities into your routine or modify what you currently do to care more deeply for yourself, will help you incredibly in your journey to embracing your current self. Not only will you feel better physically, but mentally you’ll start to appreciate yourself more for all the care you’re putting into yourself. 

Find Your Balance

Your best life is a life lived in balance in every aspect! Therefore, in order to be confident enough to live your best life, you have to find your balance with staying in vs. going out, going on vacations vs. taking staycations, the beach vs. the boardroom, and all the other amazing aspects of your life.

Consume Positive Content

Let’s face it- we’re ALWAYS consuming content! Even as you’re reading this, you’re consuming content. The good news: That doesn’t have to be a bad thing! The bad news: It can easily turn into a bad thing.

This is why it’s SO important to make sure you’re incorporating positive content in your content consumption, such as a podcast you find empowering or music that speaks to your soul. Also, in order to keep the positivity flowing, you need to…

Do a Social Media Sweep

A social media sweep is removing all the content you perceive as negative from your newsfeeds. Whether it’s an account that posts harmful words or simply someone that makes you feel bad about yourself, every time you log onto your social media, you have the potential to consume this content. Therefore, you’re consciously or unconsciously allowing your confidence to take a hit just by picking up your phone. 

So, this is your sign to unfollow any and all accounts that bring up negative feelings and to not feel sorry to those you’re unfollowing. #PutYourHappinessFirst

Stop Caring About What Others Think

Finally, one of the biggest keys to confidence in any season: STOP CARING ABOUT WHAT OTHERS THINK.

Others’ positive opinions of you are not what’s going to make you confident and happy in the long run. What’s going to make you happy is, well, doing things that make you happy! And when you’re happy and loving on yourself, your confidence naturally shines through.

Remember: Your happiness is your #1 priority ALWAYS. Once you’ve embodied this principle, you are on your way to live the most confident summer and all the seasons that follow.

Kimberly Morse
Kimberly Morse is a budding life & wellness coach! Her passion is to help others live a more-well life, which has led to the creation of Wellness Weekly, her wellness community that is fueled by a desire to make others feel loved, supported, and inspired to continue achieving all their dreams.
When she’s not working on her business, Kimberly can be found soaking up the sun, growing her mind through reading, or working on her body through intentional movement.

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