Daily Meditation as a Life Tool

Daily Meditation as a Life Tool

Have you ever seen a pocket sized multi tool? It conveniently allows you to carry a knife, screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, scissors, corkscrew, nail file, toothpick, awl and more all in a handy dandy wooden handle. That’s what daily meditation is like. It’s a tool used for many purposes, each defined through intention.

Meditation can include everything from accessing infinite wisdom to tapping into solutions, to self care/self healing, to opening inner dimension. It can be about burning up and dissolving karma, to healing trauma, to chakra care, to accessing your akashic records. People use meditation to retrieve past life information, to integrate all parts of oneself, to travel down timelines, and more. Daily meditation should be part of your morning routine, when the body and mind are still and the heart is open. When we say the heart we really mean the heart chakra.

What’s a Chakra?

The first thing you have to understand is that you’re an infinite divine being. The “allness” of you lives in 4 planes: the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual. As such, you have a physical, energetic and electrical body. Chakras are your energetic body whereas nadis and meridians are your electrical system.

Tap Into the Higher Mind?

The outer is only a reflection of the inner. So to shift your reality you have to shift yourself. Daily meditation allows you to tap in and bring divinity to your inner being. The people and situations you experience will reflect the divine qualities you have brought into yourself through meditation. And the higher mind is the only way to access the eight attributes of the higher self:

  • light
  • sound
  • peace
  • calmness
  • love
  • joy
  • wisdom
  • power

It’s never what you do. Rather, it’s the energy behind what you do. Have you heard “as within so without,” “the whole universe is inside you,” “your reality is your vibration,” “as you think it so it shall be?” All of these statements are addressing the same universal laws of energy. Everything is quantum.

Quantum physics is stranger than you think – and stranger than you can think. Just the same, the external is only a reflection of what’s going on within you. Meaning, the outside has no choice but to conform to whatever is going on within you. In order to shift your reality (external experiences) you must shift your internal organization. Anything that comes out of you (energetically) that is not one of the 8 attributes of the higher self gets rejected when it hits the quantum. It will be thrown back to you by way of a person, experience or situation to mirror back to you the disconnect between yourself and the divine.

Go With the Flow

You soul lives in four planes: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. To get prosperity to flow, these planes must all be in harmony with your internal organization. A daily meditative practice is the only way to accomplish that.

You must embody – create the vibration of the eight attributes of the higher self within your own being. This is so you can experience those attributes in your external reality. You must get in the elevator (heart chakra) and go up, up,up! Then access and pull light, sound, peace, calmness, love, joy, wisdom and power down into your being. Bring that divine energy into you, your home, your projects, and everything you intend to touch that day.

You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want. Decide what type of experiences you want to have and then it’s you that has to align yourself with them. You have to become the vibrational match. Rather than “wanting” love you actually have to “become” love. You have to literally vibrate at a love frequency. With your daily meditation practice you have to quiet the mind and still the body, get in the elevator (heart chakra) and go up. Tap into divine love and bring that vibration into your internal being. Then EXPAND those energies outward.

Three Phases of Meditation

Meditation has three phases: relaxation, concentration and expansion. Breathing techniques help with both relaxation and concentration. One option is the Hung Sau technique, pronounced “hung saw.” Breath is what connects you to spirit and this technique translates to “I Am Spirit.” Mentally saying Hung (I Am) while breathing in and Sau (Spirit) while breathing out for a few minutes helps create the gap between thoughts.

When meditating you have to let the thoughts come and then let them go. Don’t play with them, or interact with them and definitely do not judge them. Simply let them come, and let them go. If you find yourself playing with your thoughts simply use this technique to gently guide you back to spirit. For relaxation, tense “with will,” release, and feel. Tense your body in isolated sections starting with the feet, then calves/legs, buttocks, tummy, back, arms, neck, and face. Squeeze, hold until you vibrate (tense with will), then release – and feel relaxed. Or you can sip in a breath for five seconds, hold for five, then release for five.

Use whatever techniques you enjoy, and always work with the energies each day presents. Once you relax into meditation, concentrate on one or more of the eight attributes of the higher self until you feel yourself vibrating at that frequency. Then expand those energies all the way to the cosmos. You are creating the energies you want to play with that day, and only that day. Tomorrow you have to get up and create and play all over again. Daily meditative practice – divinity – here we go!

This article is sponsored by Angels and Magic. All things angels and all things magic. Energy is magic. You are energy. Magic is you. Time to master the magic that is you. With Arch Angels lending their guidance, direction and advice helping you become the highest expression of yourself. Real love feels pure and authentic.

Alana Pilar
Alana Pilar

Alana Pilar is an Earth Angel, Transformational Therapist. Galactic Healer. Starseed ACTIVATOR helping us get and stay balanced in the 4 bodies our soul lives in: The Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Emotional bodies. She works with the entire Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, God Men and more.

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  1. Donna Kemp says:

    Love that about setting the energy for the day and to set it each day. It really does make a difference.
    Thank you Alana!

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